Total Bathroom Remodel Under $5,000

When you calculate the cost of remodeling your bathroom, you may realize that making this space your dream sanctuary is beyond your budget. However, it’s possible to update your bathroom without breaking a bank. Actually, it’s possible to achieve a new, impressive look with a budget of less than $5,000. Nevertheless, a low budget means you can’t knock down your bathroom walls, increase window size, install fixtures like sunken bath, or replace the ceiling. However, there are great options that you can use to freshen up and modernize the look of the bathroom fixtures, lights and walls. Essentially, you need to choose projects to engage and the fixtures to install depending on your budget.

Engage a Professional Bathroom Remodel Service

If you have a budget of almost $5,000, spend some money on a professional service. For instance, hire a professional plumber to repair or replace some of the older fixtures in the bathroom. These may include the faucets, bathtub, and sink. Replace older and worn fixtures with nicer, newer models. You can also move some fixtures around if they have a placement that does not suit you. For instance, hire an expert to install ceramic tile for about $1,900. However, there are renovations that you should consider doing yourself to keep cost low. These include replacing your bathroom lighting fixtures, installing new shelving, or accessorizing the bathroom to give it a fresh look or personalize it.

Plan and Budget in Advance

To ensure that you give your bathroom a total remodel with less than $5,000, you need to plan and budget in advance. For instance, consider the size of your bathroom and its condition. Decide on what you will replace during the remodeling project. Is the condition of your bathroom good or does it need simple sprucing up? If your bathroom has extensive issues in the plumbing infrastructure or if it’s in a bad shape, you will spend around $5,000. If unsure about the right amount to budget for total bathroom remodel, talk to a professional bathroom designer. An experienced bathroom designer can inspect this space and recommend the most appropriate upgrades to make. They can also make suggestions on areas where you should spend more money on. Generally, the cost of total bathroom remodel depends on the size and condition of your bathroom. Nevertheless, you can give your bathroom a new look with less than $5,000 if you work with experts that understand your needs and budget.

This guest article was provided by a company who creates & designs some of the most elegant bathroom renovations Winnipeg is known for.